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In this episode of the Budget Overland Podcast, Jay and Benji have a great conversation with Ollie and Lavi who are about to embark on an epic trip and break a world record! They are trying to become the Youngest Pair to Circumnavigate the Globe via motorcycle. We discussed their love of travel and adventure, travel considerations, how they have planned and budgeted for the trip.

Ollie and Lavie met on a cherry farm in Tasmania 5 years ago and have been traveling continuously. They lived in a van in Australia for 2 year. In 2019 they backpacked 3000km across New Zealand. In 2020 they returned to the UK due to the pandemic and cycled 2000km across Britain on £100 bicycles from John o’Groats to Lands End. In 2021 the drove 15,000km across Europe in a £550 van through 13 countries to the border of Albania and back

Connect with Ollie and Lavi

Overlander Tee: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1209329401

YouTube: www.youtube.com/laviandollie

Facebook: www.facebook.com/laviandollie

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lavi.and.ollie

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In this episode of the Budget Overland Podcast, Benji has a great conversation with our overlanding friend Erick Huertas, who is passing through on a cross country trip.

Erick Huertas spent most of his childhood in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Growing up in a low-income household, he developed a passion for the arts as a form of expression early on. Upon graduating High School, Erick enlisted in the United States Navy as a member of the esteemed Hospital Corps. As he began to travel the world as a young adult, he turned to photography to document his memories and the places he had traveled.

While working as a healthcare worker in the fight against COVID, he purchased a Land Rover LR3 as a ‘fixer-upper.’ In the summer of 2021. He embarked on the famous Trans-American Trail, a 5,000-mile dirt road trail from Cape Hatteras, NC to the Oregon Dunes. Erick spent 86 Days on the road and traveled across 33 states and 13,000 miles during his westward journey. Documenting his journey in a handwritten journal and taking photos on his iPhone, he will be featured in “Land Rover Owner International” in February 2022.

Erick’s moderate success through his trail encouraged him to take photography more seriously. Erick soon purchased a camera and enrolled in The University of Washington’s Professional Photography Certificate. Through the Guru Shots Photo Competitions, he has been featured in 11 exhibitions and three magazines. Currently, he writes for LRO and “Rover Depot” documenting his expeditions. Erick also shoots stock photography for Alamy and iStock, a subsidiary of Getty Images.

Erick hopes to blend his passions of Photography and writing with his passion for medicine as he aspires to work for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

In addition to being a student of Photography and Nursing, he studies French, German and Arabic. Erick has a strong belief that language and art are some of the best ways in connecting across different cultures.

Connect with Erick:

Social: @wandering_lottie

Email: erickhuertas0@gmail.com


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In this episode Benji and Jay have a conversation about Unexpected Travel Failure.  This conversation started because Jay traveled cross country on spring break and encountered clutch failure that nearly stranded him.  We discuss mechanical failure and various considerations to help you navigate situations and share lessons learned. We would love to hear what your experiences are.  Contact us below and share your story!

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In this episode Benji and Jay have a conversation about preparedness and how your overland gear and set up would be used in the event of a disaster. We discuss possible scenarios and provide some considerations in the event you find yourself in a variety of situations.

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In this episode Benji and Jay have a great conversation with Michael Sweet about his various overland builds and sharing his lessons learned with trying to find the right overland set up.

Michael and his wife love overlanding and have a lot of experience and have experimented with a variety of builds. They have been off-road/overland camping with a few RVs and a variety of other trailers for years in including a 24ft travel trailer, an A-Frame trailer, bed rack buildout, backpacking gear in the truck, and have been throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Arkansas and other areas. With tons of lessons learned from those, he built an overland/offroad trailer (now sold), built a slide-in camper (also sold), and a wedge-style truck camper currently on my Canyon.

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